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Emergency Road Closure Information
Updated every 15 minutes
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Emergency Road Closure Information — Last Update: 3:37pm November 28, 2014   (MORE THAN 1 HOUR OLD!)

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Current listing of roads closed under the jurisdiction of Snohomish County.
Please be advised that all state routes and highways are maintained and reported on by the Washington State Department of Transportation and are NOT reflected on the Snohomish County Road Closure webpage. For information related to Washington State DOT maintained state routes and highways, please call the WSDOT automated information line at: 511 or visit their website at
No emergency road closures have been reported at this time.
107 Ave SE — from Elliott Rd to To End — Snohomish
Closed: Nov 26, 2014   12:15pm Opened: Nov 27, 2014   9:00am Problem: Water over roadway
311 Ave SE — from Mann Rd to SR 2 — Sultan
Closed: Nov 28, 2014   2:45pm   Problem: Water over roadway
Ben Howard Rd — from 297 Ave SE to Mann Rd — Sultan
Closed: Nov 28, 2014   3:00pm   Problem: Water over roadway
Boe Rd — from Marine Dr to To End — Stanwood
Closed: Nov 26, 2014   11:00am Opened: Nov 26, 2014   5:00pm Problem: Water over roadway
Crescent Lake Rd — from High Bridge Rd to 203 ST SE — Monroe
Closed: Nov 28, 2014   3:15pm   Problem: Water over roadway
Mann Rd — from 32020 Mann Rd to To End — Sultan
Closed: Nov 28, 2014   9:30am   Problem: Water over roadway
Norman Rd — from Miller Rd to Marine Dr — Stanwood
Closed: Nov 26, 2014   10:15am Opened: Nov 27, 2014   8:00am Problem: Water over roadway
Old Snohomish Monroe Rd — from Snohomish C/L to Treosti Rd — Snohomish
Closed: Nov 28, 2014   1:30pm   Problem: Water over roadway
Snohomish County Road Information
DISCLAIMER: This data is accurate at the time entered and does not necessarily represent current "up to the minute" conditions. Conditions can change rapidly during storms and flooding. Drivers are encouraged to exercise extreme caution and allow extra time. Road flooding or closures may occur between the time you view this data and you arrive at a particular road. Never drive through a road with standing water. Do not get out of your vehicle and approach downed trees or power lines.